Republican Arsenals


The Arsenals were an ancient structure destined to the construction and repairing of the galleys of the Republic of Pisa. They were raised up at the beginning of twelve hundreds in a space between the Medieval Tersana (Wet dock), a military area in the south-west area of the city, and the monastery of San Vito. The remaining structures, still visible today, are composed of porticos for galleys with pointed arches: built in the thirteen hundreds, after the modification and the expansion of the spaces, they date back to the golden age of the maritime and commercial power of Pisa. At the end of the XIV century, part of the arsenals were instead converted into storage and armor factories. After the Florentine conquer in 1406 the area got the function of a fortified citadel until the mid fifteen hundreds. In the XVII century they became prisons and chivalry barracks were constructed here. The area was heavily bombed in 1943.





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