It is possible to read the history of Pisa through some historical sites located along the Arno river from Calci to Marina di Pisa for about 30 kms. The many Pisan Romanesque churches along the Lungarni, as well as the Republican Arsenals, testify the development of Pisa and its power as a Maritime Republic.

The Stronghold of Caprona, theater of the battle between Pisa and Florence (1406), represents the beginning of the new course of the cut’s history. In this occasion Pisa was conquered and the tall tower of the Citadel became the symbol of the Florentine control.

Instead, the historical palaces of the Lungarni are the wonderful testimony of the transition from the Medieval Tower houses and the Renaissance palaces. In the Eighteen hundreds they housed famous figures either of the European culture or history, such as Giacomo Leopardi, Paolina Bonaparte, Lord Byron, Percy e Mary Shelley and Giuseppe Mazzini.

Finally we find Marina di Pisa, the Pisa marina, founded between the end of the eighteen hundreds and the first years of the nineteen hundreds. It was where the characters of the high society and of the culture spent their summer holidays in the modern beach resorts, the Liberty villas and the more “spartan” and “natural” “retoni” (big nets).