Botanic Museum


The Botanic Museum is the heir of the ancient Gallery, established in 1591 by the Gran duke of Tuscany Ferdinand I de Medici to gather “works of Nature”. It was associated with a painting school, where a miniaturist made botanical illustrations from reality, and with a foundry for the preparation of medicaments. The “Quadreria”(Painting gallery) belongs to that period. It was composed by seventeen hundreds portraits of famous botanists. Moreover the museum has conserved objects linked to the teaching of botany since the end of Seventeen hundreds. Some of them are real art works, such as wax and plaster botanical examples and didactic wood panels made with water painting. Other collections are vegetable examples in vitro, the xilotec, the didactic examples, the botanic instruments and the paleobotanic collections. Finally, the museum conserves the “Herbarium”, unique work tools for researchers all over the world. The Herbariums are currently the most used collections.

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