Egyptological Collections


The Egyptological collections of the University of Pisa have their origin in 1962, thanks to a first donation from Laura Birga Picozzi, descendent from the family of Ippolito Rosellini, the founder of the Italian Egiptology. Toge-
ther with J.F Champillon, he lead the famous French-Tuscan exploration to Egypt and Nubia (1828-29), basilar for the study of Ancient Egypt. In 1964 the Picozzi Collection was increased with the Schiff Giorgini collec-
tion, composed by around 400 items, some of exceptional value, coming from the excavations lead by Michela Schiff Giorgini in Sudan under the patronage of the University of Pisa. In 1968 the collection of the Ostranka from Ossirinco was added, 1500 terracotta crockery fragments (used in the past as surface to write ), written with demonic texts that illustrate the life in a small oasis of Egypt during Roman times. It is also part of the Egyptological collections: the Archive A.E. Breccia, donated to the Aetheneum of Pisa by the scholar’s wife in 1967, and more materials coming from the excavations of the University of Pisa in Egypt or donated by private collectors.

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