Graphic Museum


The Graphic Museum was founded in 2007, thanks to an agreement between the City Hall of Pisa and the University. It allowed the museum to conserve, display and promote the collections of the Drawing and Etching Department in the remarkable location of Palazzo Lanfranchi. Currently it is one of the youngest and most active museums in Pisa, promoting many temporary exhibitions and cultural events during the year. Also, it houses the collections of the Drawing and Etching Department of the University of Pisa, one of the first and most important public collections of Contemporary graphic in Italy. The Drawing and Etching Department was established at the end of the 50s thanks to Ludovico Ragghianti’s initiative after the donation of Sebastiano Timpanaro’s fine collection of Drawings and Etchings to the Aetheneum. Since then, thanks to the works given by artistis and collectors, the Drawing and Etching Department has been enriched with very remarkable works. Worth noticing, the drawings and etchings by Giovanni Fattori, Giorgio Morandi, Luigi Bartolini, by the architect Mario Chiattone and other protagonist artists of the Nineteen hundreds. On occasion of the birth of the Graphic Museum, a group of graphic works belonging to Giulio Carlo Argan entered into the collection and completes the wide and suggestive panoramic of the arts in the XX century.

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