Museum of Pathological Anatomy


The museum of Anatomy and Pathological Histology, joint together to the Paleopathology Department of Traslational Research and of the New Technologies in Medicine and Surgery, is integral part of the Medical school structures. The museum was opened around 1870 as a collection of anatomical pieces, for pathological and didactic interests, taken from corps and settled in blown glass vases. The Museum houses an important collection of human and animal pathological pieces of great scientific esteem. Some of them date back to the Granducal times. Over more than a century of life 20 big showcases have been filled with more than 1500 humid and dry anatomical remains; this material has been increased with many medical rare or interesting remains acquired during the autopsies. Considering the dates of the beginning of the collections, most of the material indicated has more historical interest than pathological and didactic, and it includes remains and rare examples. Beside the anatomo-pathological remains it is necessary to mention: the collection of about 6000 printed texts and volumes. Currently the museum is under restoration and the anatomical remains are not visible, because stored in the storage of the museum.

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