The Grand Duke of Tuscany Ferdinando de’Medici I commissioned the Logge di Banchi between 1603 and 1605. Designed by Bernardo Buontalenti and executed by Cosimo Pugliani, the Logge housed the wool, silk and grain market, as well as banks. Some tower houses along the river were demolished to build the Logge, whose original structure is preserved only on the first arcades level, with twelve rusticated marble pillars including wainscoting at the base and cartouche-like bas-relief at the top. The first floor, still visible today, was restored in 1865, when it changed its function from seat of the Ufficio Fiumi e Fossi to seat of the State Archive. In 1925, according to an agreement between the Municipality of Pisa and the entrepreneur Cleopatro Cobianchi from Bologna, the Logge basements became a daytime accommodation. In this occasion, a relevant thirteenth century treasure trove of gold coins was unearthed. It is now stored in the Museo di S. Matteo.

logge di banchi


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