Palazzo Lanfranchi


The palace, which incorporated three tower houses and other twelfth and thirteenth century buildings, is named after the family who inhabited it since 1539. The Lanfranchi family belongs to the consular aristocracy of Pisa. The original external aspect is the same of today. During the nineteenth century, the demolition of two seventeenth century staircases and the construction of a three-armed stairwell covered by a pavilion roof and illuminated by a pyramid-like skylightdrastically changed the inner part of the building. Between 1976 and 1980, the restoration works commissioned by the Municipality of Pisa from the architect and owner of the palace (since 1952) Massimo Carmassi uncovered and enhanced different building stages. Among the best-known families who lived in the palace, the Vaccà Berlinghieri family should be mentioned for its closeness to the Napoleonic culture and policy. Sophie Caudeiron Vaccà received in her living room poets, writers, politicians, men of culture, and aristocratics who became soon famous inside and outside Pisa. Since 2007, Palazzo Lanfranchi houses the Museo della Grafica.



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